ArcheWorld is a MMORPG that incorporates blockchain technologies and is based on globally-acclaimed “ArcheAge.” ArcheAge is a seamless, open-world, sandbox MMORPG that was first launched in Korea in 2013 and now serviced in North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, Korea, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. ArcheWorld intends to fully utilize ArcheAge’s commendable features and fundamentally renovate the fundamental problem of virtual asset ownership with blockchain technologies, thus offering the users a new experience.

We anticipate that ArcheWorld enables users to directly participate in gameplay and actual economic activities as well.

XLGAMES and Jake Song

XLGAMES was founded in 2003 by Jake Song who pioneered the graphic MMORPG genre with development of “Kingdom of the Winds”(“Nexus TK” in North America) and “Lineage.” XLGAMES has been on a journey of creation of new MMORPGs; along with above-mentioned ArcheAge being the flagship title, XLGAMES has been developing various games such as “Civilization Online”, “ArcheAge Begins” and “Moonlight Sculptor.” Currently XLGAMES is in development of “ArcheAge 2” and an undisclosed mobile title which inherited the lore of the original ArcheAge.

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