Preserving the value of BSLT

We believe the following are keys to increasing and maintaining the value of the BSLT token:

  1. Successful game service (continuous user inflow)

  2. Active exchanges

  3. Liquidity

  4. Various usages of the token

  5. Management of circulation depending on PLC

Please refer to the following for #3 and below:

Maintaining PLC of the game

In order to maintain a constant economic scale, the game service must be successful, maintain the PLC, and continue to have user inflow.

  1. Stick to the basics: the game must be fun. We will provide meaningful updates and user-friendly game operations. Community management is key, especially the token-holding gamer community. We acknowledge that our efforts to listen to and reflect user feedback is of necessity.

  2. In-game economy - Pyramid-shaped stable user distribution and economic circulation: Sustainable user in-flow is required

    • The game shall support continuous ways for players to make earnings. Archeum and NFT must be actively traded, and for this to happen, there must be sufficient paying users to purchase the assets. Play and Earn based on fair trade by and between the users would make this possible.

    • Game balance that supports the above in-game economy is required.

  3. Server and Server Group Management

    • Five or so servers in one region will be one server group. In-game exchange will be shared by one server group.

    • NFT can be traded regardless of server groups so there may be unique characteristics among different server groups.

    • We will take precautions when considering fresh-start servers and server merges that are frequent in an MMORPG service.

  4. Active exchanges

    • Almost any items will be tradable, and items of significance will be available for NFT minting.

    • We intend to have all exchanges and trades in the game centered around BSLT.

    • This would enable vibrant activities of the users as well as retention of the value of the token.

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