Major in-game currencies and exchanges

Our thoughts on Play-AND-Earn

While ArcheWorld rejects P2E where the game publisher purchases in-game resources with tokens, we intend to provide a suitable form of Play-AND-Earn, and furthermore Create-to-Earn where the game’s PLC is maintained through initial user acquisition and continuous inflow of users. This is necessary to expand the foundation of the ArcheWorld ecosystem with or without the heavy paying users. We seek a virtuous circulation where Play-AND-Earn users produce resources and the heavy paying users consume such resources for progression.


Archeum is ArcheWorld’s essential resource, along with labor and synthesis materials, necessary for progression. Because more Archeum are needed to progress as the users advance, it will be challenging for individuals to single-handedly supply Archeum , thus the need for the users to secure resources produced by other users via in-game exchange.

Archeum can be acquired in the following ways:

  1. Raw Archeum can be acquired through various activities such as gathering, mining, hunting, etc. Archeum can be acquired by using a refining tool inside the building.

  2. Basic in-game reward will distributed in Archeum

  3. Rather than tedious grinding, we would provide a setting where users can invest and earn more.

    • For instance, users can earn more Archeum by enchanting their gear and participate in high-end instances, rifts or sieges.

  4. Scholarship program

    • The best way for users to earn big is to quickly collect Archeum by renting and using already-progressed characters or gear.

    • Target launch of the program is for Phase 3 or 4 of the game service.

Archeum Circulation

  1. It is likely that the first server in the server group will have limited Archeum supply. Since there are concerns that we would not be able to fulfill user’s desire to progress fast, we intend to supply the market with necessary elements for progression by the Treasury(Blue Salt Foundation) entering the market.

  2. When the value of Archeum decreases substantially, the Treasury may purchase a portion of Archeum with additionally-secured BSLT. The Archeum Management Fund will be operated fluidly with consideration of the game service status at the discretion of the company.

BSLT Exchange

  1. Users are able to exchange for various items with BSLT via in-game exchange. However, we may regulate tradable items so that speed is not affected by reckless transactions.

  2. There will be an exchange fee of 10% of the purchase price.

    • of which half will be Company Earnings; and

    • the other half will be sent to the Treasury for future usage for circulation supply control and illiquidity.

  3. We will actively tackle botters in various methods so that true customers remain. This will be possible mostly through restrictions on exchanges. (e.g. restrictions on number of possible exchanges per day)

  4. In principle, our goal is to foster free and credible trades without mutual trust or permission, all realized by the blockchain technology. The value of the token will be stable and the game service sustainable when BSLT trades are active. So in principle, we intend to limit user-to-user exchanges without going through the BSLT Exchange.

  5. However, in the future, we plan to introduce a BSLT gift function in order to revitalize user camaraderie as well as guilds.


BSLT shop is an in-game shop where we sell items in BSLT. Items sold will be convenience items or costumes that do not affect the game balance. Earnings from the BSLT shop will be company earnings.

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