Factions and Guilds

Factions, Crime, Trial

All races that have gone through the Era of Great Migration will be friendly to one another - users will begin their journeys from the peace zones. As resources and monsters will be hard to come by in the neutral zones, users will have to compete for rights to resources and monsters.

Users in the neutral zone can choose to be in Bloodlust Mode. This will increase the amount of XP earned, however, other users will recognize such users as hostile. Users accumulate crime points for murdering users on friendly mode. Users with high crime points will be taken to trial when caught by guards.

In a trial, the jury consisting of users will read the crime records and interrogate the suspect. The sentence will be decided by the voting of the jury; the suspect will either serve time in prison or found innocent. Prison is a penalty area for ArcheWorld; users sentenced to prison time will have to serve real-life time in the prison before being released.

We intend to develop a system where ransom is offered on users with high crime points and users can request the community to capture the suspects.


Guild is a key component in RvR content. Users can either create a new guild or join an existing guild. As the guild progresses, guild capacities as well as guild buffs will grow.

Guilds can advance to Auroria with the ultimate aim to explore Auroria. Guilds that have claimed a territory can develop the territory into a nation and declare a player nation. A player nation can generate earnings by trade of territory supplies and participate in the decision-making of in-game fees and various ‘balances’ as DAO.

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