Land NFTs

Land NFTs will be key to buildings, the essential element of ArcheWorld.

  1. Along with the fact that building is entertaining game content, building is a necessity for users of ArcheWorld since acquisition of assets becomes more efficient by owning a building.

  2. Land for building is limited, some of which will be sold as NFTs.

    • There are about 7,000 land lots per server, and 50% of the lots (3,500 land lots) will be sold in NFT. The rest will be owned by the system.

    • Land NFTs come in five (5) tiers. Locations of the Land in the game world will be random upon minting.

    • Users can either construct buildings on the purchased Land NFT or lease the land to other users via rental system and collect tax (in BSLT) and generate earnings. Some operational costs may be levied on such earnings.

    • Users who do not own Land NFT may rent land from Land NFT holders or the system and construct buildings.

    • In order to preserve interests of Land NFT holders, the following will be applied on public land owned by the system:

      1. Rent on public land owned by the system will be more expensive.

      2. A certain portion of the rent generated from public land owned by the system will be locked, along with exchange fee, in the form of a public fund to decrease circulation supply, some of which will be distributed to Land NFT holders as a dividend.

      3. The settings for the above will be notified in the future and are subject to change.

    • Targeted for Phase 3 of the game service, we intend to add features where Land NFT holders can adjust rent fees on their land. In the long run, along with the in-game regional development system, we intend to provide a certain benefit to the landlords.

    • Since land is public property, we do not intend to sell all land lots, however, taking into consideration the future usages of the land, we may change the number of lots sold.

  3. Land will be sold per server. Policies on sales of land for new servers may be subject to change.

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