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The tough journey to Auroria and the Garden, users’ ultimate goal, will require various and abundant amounts of resources. These resources can be obtained through various content rewards and completion of quests. Types and quantity of resources that can be acquired will vary due to differences in users’ ability and environment.

Users can acquire resources that they cannot supply themselves via exchange with other users. Of course, they can also provide to other users such resources at a price. Economic value can be generated by fulfilling and developing her/his role in the ArcheWorld economic ecosystem. In-real life earnings can be created by exchanging BSLT through DEX of ArcheWorld.


All exchanges of goods within ArcheWorld will take place at the Exchange, making it the center of the economic ecosystem. The goods traded at Exchange include all goods needed for character and gear progression, processed goods needed to craft items, basic goods needed for production and refining as well as equipment items, Archeum, labor, equipment XP and character XP, etc

The Exchange will offer graphs of information such as daily and weekly average prices and trade volumes of goods.

The exchanges will take place in BSLT and exchange fees will be 10%. A portion of the exchange fees will be used for a fund to preserve the value of Archeum. Exchange fee is subject to change, either by the staking system or the decision by DAO.


Archeum can be obtained by defeating various monsters in ArcheWorld. Mobs of powerful spell will yield intact Archeum, however, most weaker mobs will give up imperfect Archeum which require processing. Imperfect Archeum can be restored to intact Archeum using a processing furniture installed in users’ building. Intact Archeum can be wrapped in certain units and can be sold at the exchange.

Again, Archeum can be earned by performing various activities in the game and is a necessary resource for key elements of ArcheWorld including character progression, item crafting and upgrades of buildings. Thus, if there is an oversupply or overdemand of Archeum, the market will be negatively impacted, both for those in demand of Archeum as well as those who supply Archeum. To relieve such situations, we intend to establish a fund to maintain the balance of Archeum.

The Archeum Management Fund

We intend to form the Archeum Management Fund with the BSLT allocated for the Treasury. If and when there is an oversupply of Archeum compared to the demand of the market, or if there is an undersupply of Archeum, we will decide to purchase or sell Archeum with the Fund.

The balance of Archeum will impact the value users realize from Play and Earn - the Fund intends to guarantee appropriate value of Archeum. Archeum will be bought by the Fund if there is a surplus and sold if the market is too hyped and there is a need to stabilize the market. Purchase and sale of Archeum by the Fund will take place with a Blue Salt merchant appearing in the game to sell or buy Archeum at a fixed price and volume. (During launch of the game, supply of Archeum may take place without the appearance of a Blue Salt merchant.)

We will provide a tool with which users can check the volume of Archeum sold and bought by the Fund as well as the Fund itself.

The Fund will be maintained by bringing in a portion of the exchange fee collected from the exchange as well as a portion of the lease fee of land owned by us. The Archeum Management Fund will be operated fluidly with consideration of the game service status at the discretion of the company.

Land and Buildings

Land in ArcheWorld comes in limited quantities. Land is a space where users can create buildings, generate additional income and engage in production. All productions can only take place at certified land. Buildings of ArcheWorld come in tiers. Higher-tier buildings have wider floors and require bigger land lots.

A building is a key space for production activities that add value to raw materials. Furniture that serves as a processing tool can be installed, with which raw materials can be processed. Production of Archeum also takes place in a building. Higher-tier buildings produce more Archeum. Furthermore, it becomes the basis for high value-added production that produces progression items for gear, pets, gliders, etc. as well as processed goods.

All value-added production of ArcheWorld requires labor. Buildings provide a space where labor can be provided to the market. Users are able to get more labor in higher-tier buildings.

Excess land from construction of a building can be utilized for production activities such as farming or harvesting plants or livestock. Production activities will yield basic raw materials with which users can process to use as materials for crafting the final product.

In addition to its economic value, buildings also serve the purpose of satisfying users’ aesthetic values and expression. There will be more than 150 types of building models to choose from, with different sizes, stories and design. Decorative furniture as well as picture frames with NFT images applied can be installed in buildings.

Lease and Usage of Land

Users will be given the right to use the land that can be leased by paying advance rent and executing the contract. The lease period is 4 weeks. BSLT paid by the tenant will be paid out to the landlord less 10% tax.

Land NFT holders can decide whether to lease their land. Decision whether to lease their land becomes a form in which the decision can be made through direct interaction within certain conditions and periods within the game. When Land NFT holders use their own land, no tax will be levied.

Rent for land owned by us will be more expensive. This is to encourage the Land NFT holders to lease their land; rent collected by us will be used for company earnings, the Archeum Management Fund as well as dividends for Land NFT holders.

We intend to provide a function where Land NFT holders can adjust the rent fee of their land.


Ranking on Arena(PvP), character progression and productions will be available for display for all users. Ranking is operated on a seasonal basis, with high-ranking users receiving various rewards depending on their ranking at the end of the season. High-ranking users in each category will receive BSLT as rewards at the end of the season.

Such rewards will be distributed from the BSLT allocated for Rewards. Amount of BSLT rewarded to users at the end of each season will be fluid. Various features/contents as well as evaluation and reward for different categories will be constantly added.

Furthermore, we intend to have DAO decide the types(categories) of ranking and the rewards in the future.

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