3. Tokenomics in ArcheWorld

Blockchain Technology and Tokens of ArcheWorld


Klaytn Chain is the L1 Chain, and Bora Chain is the L2 Chain on the Klaytn Chain.

Private Chain

Although the issues of basic speed and gas fee are resolved by using the L2 chain, public chain has limits as to handling all active user exchanges unique to MMORPGs. Thus, all in-game exchanges will be recorded on the Private Chain and when BSLT moves out of the game (i.e. to individual wallets, etc.), such transactions will be recorded on the Public Chain. All transactions on Private Chain will be completely open in the form of a Scope on our website for the sake of transparency.

Token - BSLT

ArcheWorld’s basic service token is Blue Salt (BSLT), derived from one of the traditional game elements of ArcheAge - Blue Salt Brotherhood.

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