Land, an essential part of the ArcheWorld economic system, as well as gear, item and characters that users acquire/progress can be minted into NFT so that users’ ownership of these digital assets are recognized and credible trades can take place. This means that users are now able to engage in actual economic activities.

NFT marketplace

  1. NFTs need to be traded and recorded on the Public Chain so the trades will happen at official NFT marketplaces outside of the game.

  2. NFT Marketplace in the BORA Portal will be the main marketplace, and other public marketplaces such as OpenSea will also support simultaneous trades.

  3. For each transaction, we will charge 7.5% of the transaction price as fee (this does not include 1~2.5% fee charged by marketplaces as well as gas fee)

NFTs directly sold by us: Fandom Card NFTs and Land NFTs

Fandom Card NFTs, Land NFTs are issued by us. There will be no burning for these NFTs and they will be traded in public marketplaces.

  • Initial issuance will be on KLAY and tradable at OpenSea.

  • BORA Portal will eventually be the main trading platform of choice. OpenSea and other marketplaces will be open to trades.

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NFTs minted by the users: Item, Gear, Player Characters, etc.

  1. NFT minting by the users

    • There will be restrictions as to what can be minted into NFT in order to prevent excessive blockchain usage (e.g. player characters, high-end equipments, etc.)

    • NFTs are to be minted by using a seal item sold on the BSLT shop or by BSLT.

  2. These NFTs can be exchanged in the external NFT marketplaces such as BORA NFT Marketplace.

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