Community and DAO

ArcheWorld aims for DAO that grows together with the community. Establishment of DAO would be the pinnacle of the direction of our project. Upon launch of the game, the developer will decide on game design and production, however, as BSLT starts to be circulated among the users, we intend to give the leadership of game development to the user community.

BSLT will be the governance token and BSLT token holders will be given the ability to decide the future of the game as well as the token itself as DAO.

Initially, users will be able to participate in various decision-making with the voting system.

Aside from the issue of development, users will be able to submit an “ArcheWorld Improvement Proposal”(AWIP) and the most-voted AWIPs will be reflected in game development in order of most votes won.

At a certain timeframe (for example in three years), we intend to establish DAO both technically and formally.

Ultimately, to make ArcheWorld sustainable regardless of the presence of the developer, we intend to open the source codes of ArcheWorld by 2025.

How to deal with possible side-effects

Although BSLT will be handed over to the users, we plan to own 5% of the total BSLT in order to be responsible for the project and prevent the development from moving in an awkward direction.

Voting rights of one user will be limited to 3%, as we would like to prevent one individual user excessively leading the decision-making.

Long-term Management

ArcheWorld aims to be community-driven rather than game(service)-driven. We intend to gradually pass over the leadership of the project to the community.

We will do our utmost best to make the service successful, however, at the same time, we do acknowledge that the product life cycle of a game service is not eternal. Likewise, in the long term, preservation of BSLT value will be challenging. If the users would like to see BSLT applied to other games and services for more utility and retention of its value, they will be applied.

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