1. In order to focus on the game service, we do not intend to go IEO in the beginning, however, we plan to increase liquidity by forming a SWAP with as many public tokens as possible.

  2. Starting with the BORA-BSLT swap offered through DEX in the BORA Portal operated by Metabora, we intend to provide SWAP with various public tokens. From April 19, 2023, it is possible to use MATIC and USDC via the BoraPortal, made possible through the technical linkage between MetaBora and Polygon.

    * MATIC - pBORA - tBORA - BSLT

    * USDC - pBORA - tBORA - BSLT

  3. To prevent users who have acquired small volume of BSLT through various forms of airdrops such as collaboration marketing from leaving the game without playing the game, we may put a lower limit on exchange on SWAP (e.g. only 50 or more BSLT can be exchanged)

  4. If the BSLT value has risen too high as to be an entrance barrier to the game, we may transfer part of the volume allocated at Treasury to Liquidity and provide such volume as Liquidity Pool for SWAP.

  5. In the future, we intend to provide ways for users to directly participate in SWAP and make additional earnings.

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