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BSLT Circulation Supply

Basic Principles

  1. 1.
    Total supply will be initially fixed and minted on a regular ratio, however, at an appropriate time we intend to let DAO decide, by voting, on minting and burning of the token.
  2. 2.
    Principles by service phases
    • In the beginning, there might be a shortage of circulation supply - we will supply the token in the form of pre-sale, package sales, in-game reward, etc.
    • In the later stages, we will provide more ways for illiquidity to prevent increase of circulation supply.
  3. 3.
    Basic direction
    • We intend to minimize the amount of overhang (amount owned by Company or investors, illiquid tokens), as there can be bulk sales, a highly possible threat for an investor.
    • To stabilize the token price, we primarily intend to consider locking the amount in the public funds. To stabilize the BSLT value and to control the amount circulated, if necessary, a certain amount in the Treasury account may be burnt.
    • We intend to decrease the actual circulation by staking, while the interest of gamers and the token holders in token value align.

Policies on decrease in BSLT Circulation (= BSLT retrieval)

  1. 1.
    To stabilize amount circulated, we will primarily consider de-circulation.
    • BSLTs will be moved to Treasury, Reserve, Ecosystem, etc.
  2. 2.
    50% of fees on various transactions to be moved to the Treasury and uncirculated, and burned when necessary
    • In-game BSLT exchange fee, withdrawal fee, etc.
    • However, the amount allocated at Treasury may be utilized for users via Reward, Ecosystem, Liquidity, etc. in the future.
    • Funds in the Treasury will be used for stabilization of the ArcheWorld economy and tokenomics as well as sustainability. Benefits of users and holders will come first. When necessary, a certain portion of the amount in Treasury will be burned to stabilize the price of BSLT and control circulated amount.
  3. 3.
    BSLT staking
    • BSLT staking will be made available to lock circulated BSLT and increase user retention.
    • Reward to staked amount should be in the form of interest, however, rewards will be paid out in the form of essential game elements such as labor potions.
    • Upon game launch, ArchePass to be rewarded (along with Archeum).
    • Upon Phase 2 of the game service, web-based staking will be available and ArcheLife will be rewarded. > Rewards are to be distributed in accordance with staked amount and period.

More channels of BSLT consumption

  1. 1.
    A variety of channels not directly related to the game where users can consume BSLT is necessary.
    • This is to provide to the holders profit and entertainment regardless of success of the game service.
    • This will also contribute to stabilization of the BSLT value by decrease in circulation with long-term lock-up or consumption.
    • Above-mentioned channels are targeted for Phase 3 launch (early 2023) of the game service.
  2. 2.
    Various activities for entertainment
    • Mini games either in-game or on the web (mini slots, lotteries, etc.)
    • Collaboration
      1. 1.
        BSLTs can be used in other games and services of collaboration partners.
      2. 2.
        Furthermore, NFTs to be made available for usage in other games and services.
    • Staking & De-Fi
      1. 1.
        Staking & De-Fi will be made available to provide profit earnings by staking in SWAP of various DEX
      2. 2.
        De-Fi through collaboration in order to provide more operating profit.

Processing of BSLT held by us

  1. 1.
    Initial amount held by us will be 20%
    • 25% of which will be distributed as compensation to employees. There will be a vesting period of one year to minimize impact on the market.
    • The other 75% (15% of total amount) will be stored by us for use in the future.
  2. 2.
    Company Earnings, or our earnings will be the following:
    • Sales = Earnings from BSLT shop
    • Exchange fee from in-game BSLT exchange (10%)
    • BSLT Withdrawal fee (10 BSLT)
    • Company’s profit on land lease fees owned by the Company
    • Maintenance fees on land lease fees owned by the users.
  3. 3.
    We will handle our earnings as follows:
    • 100% of sales to be recognized as company earnings, 50% of exchange and withdrawal fees to be recognized as company earnings and the other 50% to be moved to the Treasury (non-circulated amount).
    • In order to increase the value of the token held by the holders, a portion of the token will be continuously locked up (uncirculated).
    • Company to convert a portion of the earnings into fiat currency (=KRW) in order to cover the operating expenses.
      1. 1.
        These amounts are not newly issued and sold; but rather a circulation of existing volume - we do not expect a big impact on demand.
      2. 2.
        We intend to sell a portion of our earnings into cash.
      3. 3.
        To minimize impact, the amount sold each month will not exceed 0.5% of the total supply.