Skillsets and Skills

Users will begin their journey with one selected skillset. As they progress, they will unlock more skillsets. ArcheWorld offers a total of 14 skillsets, from which users can select three to create one of 364 possible classes. One skillset offers various skills that users can choose to learn. Combat patterns will differ depending on the chosen skills. The game challenges users to try different classes and skillsets, making the game experience even richer.

Character Progression

Characters can be progressed through gaining experience points(XP). XPs can be earned by different activities such as hunting monsters, completing quests and consuming labor. Character levels directly affect combat levels, main attributes of ArcheWorld, and also unlock level restrictions to learn new skills and abilities

Gear Progression

Gear items for characters of ArcheWorld adopt a progression-centric system, rather than an enchant/destruct system. Same as character progression through XP, gear items will gain XP via ‘item progression’ and become better. Item progression requires the base(gear item), materials(XP) and fee(Archeum), with higher-tier gear requiring more materials. Gear items that reach a certain level can be upgraded to the next tier by awakening. Higher-tier awakenings require more cost, however, the difference in performance will be significant.

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