ArcheWorld Preview Page Open (Completed)

We introduced the project and its vision through the preview page.

Community Channel Open (Completed)

Users are now able to receive information and freely communicate with other users on common subjects through our official social media channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) operated by ArcheWorld.

Fandom Card NFT Mint (Completed)

As the Genesis NFT of ArcheWorld, Fandom Card NFT holders will be considered as VVIPs of all services, collaborations of ArcheWorld. The bigger the service becomes, the more benefit holders will enjoy.

  1. When minting ArcheWorld Land NFT for the 1st server of each region, holders will be on the Whitelist for a 100% chance to purchase 16*16= 256㎡ land lot on a 50% discount.

  2. Depending on the number of Fandom Cards held, the holders will be on the Whitelist for a first-come, first-serve NFT mint of higher-tier Land NFTs.

  3. For holders of 3 Fandom Card NFTs or more, airdrop of 16*24 = 384㎡ land lots upon launch of the 1st server on each region.

  4. BSLT airdrops for holders of 1 or more Fandom Card NFTs upon launch for each region. If users have more than one Fandom Card NFTs, BSLT will be rewarded in accordance with the number of Fandom Cards in possession.

  5. Alpha pass (pre-test event) rights for holders of 1 or more Fandom Card NFTs.

  6. Archeworld is a member of the BORA Governance Council. Various benefits and collaboration opportunities from the GC will be primarily offered to Fandom Card holders.

ArcheWorld Pre-Registration Event (Completed)

In order to play ArcheWorld, users need to create a new account and download the game client at the ArcheWorld website.

From May 2022, we will begin the pre-registration and wallet-link event and in June 2022, the ArcheWorld website will be officially open.

The pre-registration event is automatically completed when an individual wallet is linked to the ArcheWorld game account, and users who participated in the event will be rewarded with Archeum upon game launch.

Land NFT Mint (Completed)

In ArcheWorld, the game is designed so that buildings are of high importance in progression of characters as well as production of Archeum. All land where buildings can be constructed will be NFT minted as land lots for each server and 50% of land lots will be sold via pre-minting.

Users can either buy the Land NFT and construct buildings themselves, or lease the land via rental system and generate earnings by collecting rent in BSLT.

1st presale of Land NFT of ArcheWorld’s first server will only be offered to holders of 1 or more ArcheWorld Fandom Cards, at a discounted price.

Holders of Rare Fandom Card NFTs will be offered primary rights to purchase land lots for mansions - less than 1% of land lots in a server.

Pre-sale of BSLT packages (Completed)

In order to provide BSLT liquidity, we plan to sell packages that contain BSLT, costumes and convenience goods.

Alpha-pass / Pre-test for Fandom Card NFT holders (Completed)

There will be a pre-test in the form of alpha-pass before the September 2022 launch. This alpha-pass will be airdropped for Fandom Card NFT holders and they will be able to enjoy ArcheWorld gameplay before the official launch and enjoy additional rewards and benefits.

ArcheWorld Live Service Open

Before the official launch, a global marketing campaign will take place around June 2022. In September 2022, the ArcheWorld game service will be officially live. The primary launch will be Asia-based, however, we intend to quickly expand the service regions. The game client will offer five languages upon launch, with plans to add more languages.

BSLT Exchange (Completed)

BORA token can be converted to BSLT via BORA Portal and BSLT linked with the ArcheWorld game account can be deposited at the in-game BSLT Exchange. Users are able to generate earnings by exchanging Archeum earned in the game to BORA, or vice-versa, buy BORA and convert the token into Archeum for progression of the in-game characters.

ArcheWorld Live Service - Second Region of the Americas to be Opened (Completed)

We intend to open 2 servers of the ArcheWorld live service for the second region - the territory of North America and Latin America - along with Spanish and Portuguese game clients, on April 19th, 2023.

More NFTs: Pets, Rides, Gear, etc.

We intend to build on the Fandom Card NFT and Land NFT and expand various contents in the game into NFTs. Not restricted to a specific category of pets, vehicles, vessels, or buildings, we plan for NFTs to be universally utilized across all contents.

Brand Collaboration

ArcheWorld offers various contents such as costumes or vehicles with which users can freely express themselves with UCC. We intend to work together with certain brands to continuously run promotions such as limited offers of special costumes or vehicles that incorporate brand logos as NFTs.

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