Vision of ArcheWorld

Legitimacy of Return of Ownership of Virtual Assets to the Users

With the advent of the internet, people are spending a lot of their daily time online. This trend will be accelerated even more with the development of technologies. Humans will spend more time in the metaverse - a virtual world that surpasses the limits of the real world - in the near future. In the metaverse, virtual assets such as avatars, items and land will be in existence.

In order for a metaverse to function as metaverse, the ownership of various virtual assets in the metaverse shall belong to the users, not the service providers. This will allow users to move between different metaverses, use the virtual assets, and in the process make it possible to realize a true metaverse that transcends the limitations of real life.

With the view that MMORPG is an elementary form of metaverse, we believe that it is rational and righteous to return the ownership of assets to the users. Further, we believe that blockchain-based NFT is currently the appropriate technology with which we can return such ownership to the users. We believe that the return of ownership to the users will contribute to the development of the MMORPG genre and related industry.

“Give Back to Caesar What Is Caesar’s and to Users What Is Users”

With the above perception in mind, we intend to create a structure where users retain ownership of major in-game assets, items and even player characters, etc. Users will be able to directly own assets that they acquired, produced, manufactured, and/or enchanted with their own effort, and this will be possible through blockchain technology-based NFT. Assets in the form of minted NFTs can be possessed/stored by the users and are freely tradable between users. Blockchain technology is instrumental in letting various users of different nationalities to trade credibly and to do so, an in-game token, to be covered later in this Whitepaper, is necessary.

To respect the users’ efforts, we will not sell what can be produced by the users. However, since assets limited in supply such as land or materials have characteristics of public goods, we will sell such assets in the initial stages of the service, and manage them in accordance with the fair standards set out by us.

However, if we recognize users’ possession of all in-game assets, there may be a liability issue in accordance with current game regulations and there also may be confusion and chaos among the users. Thus, in the beginning of the game service, we will start off by allowing only certain assets to be minted into NFTs and recognizing users’ ownership of such assets. If and when a democratic decision-making structure is in place, decisions regarding the expansion of assets to be minted could be made by the users.

Also, there have been claims or marketing slogans stating that if a user retains permanent ownership of an asset, it can also be used in other games as well. This is something we are not in a position to guarantee at this moment. Be reminded, however, that It is feasible for a third party who wishes to attract our user base to develop a game where assets of our game could be utilized, or this idea could be improvised for development of a new version, subject to decision by DAO.

MMORPG where Real Economic Activities are Possible

Multi-tasking video media such as Youtube or TikTok opened up the world where ordinary people can engage in what they like and at the same time make income. We think this is quite possible with games as well and we believe it should be.

In addition to the above-mentioned NFT assets, we are considering a structure where basic P2E is possible in order to attract participation of various users. Although we do not think that P2E should be the main purpose of playing the game, it will allow a structure where users play the game they like and make a certain income as well, thus creating a world of metaverse true to its meaning.

Furthermore, we would like to propose a structure where users are able to directly involve themselves in the production of the game and earn money. ArcheAge already has a game system where various UCC(User Created Contents) such as drawing, video, music scores and play of musical instruments is possible. Although not directly related to ArcheWorld, multimedia possessed in the form of NFT can be realized inside the game. We hope that this will further develop the blockchain technology as well as NFT. At some point in the future, users will be able to make quests and instance dungeons, modify game design documents and form a Creator Economy where various MODs are possible.

Beyond Ownership of Assets: Game Operation by the Users

We intend to make it a rule to open everything transparently, reflect the intent of the user community sufficiently, and in the long term possibly hand over the direction and ownership of game updates and game operation.

ArcheAge already has a system such as voting where users are able to participate in game operation in various ways. We will build on this and provide a setting where users are able to make suggestions, choices and decisions. Ultimately, it would be most ideal if the DAO consisting of governance token holders are able to make general decisions regarding the game and even change the development studio or publisher of the game if they are not content with them.

On the condition that copyright issues as well as technical difficulties are resolved, we may be able to open game source codes or game assets. This will make various MODs possible or even a reproduction of the game may appear. But with the belief “community is not forkable”, it will be our keynote to strictly abide by the decision of the user community.

We will strive to provide a platform where free gameplay and free economic activities by the users are possible and eventually develop an environment where all decisions are made by the users.

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