The Lore

The Lore

The inhabitants of ArcheWorld are descendants of those who migrated from Auroria. Auroria on the brink of collapse, they had no choice but to move to this new continents of ArcheWorld.

Long ago, the so-called Library Expedition returned from the Garden carrying ‘throne’ and ‘ability’, with the power of the Garden flowing out of the open gate which made the world ever more fruitful. Those Expedition members who took the throne became Gods and initiated a war - the world was on its way to collapse. The ever benevolent Goddess of Nui sacrificed herself to move the people to the new continent and although they were spared from destruction, people lost their memories as a side effect of passing through hell.

People who used to be arch-enemies in Auroria have now become friends, and they worked together to cultivate the new land - the beginning of the history of the new continents.

Protected Area, New Continents

People settled in the new continents with a new ruling system and faction. The new continents consist of the Nuia Continent, the starting zones of Nuian, Elves and Dwarves and the Haranya Continent, the starting zones of Harani, Firran and Warborns. Users begin their journey from a controlled, small village. This is where users are able to learn basic functions and information necessary to adapt to ArcheWorld.

As users progress, they will face the story of the modern era surrounding the users as well as the forgotten stories of Auroria, and confront the threatening creatures in existence.

Neutral Zone, Auroria

When users are strong enough and ready to move to the neutral zone, they can depart from the peace zone to begin an adventure to look for clues of the past Auroria and confront the dangerous creatures that lie ahead. As users make their way to the neutral zone and war zone, they will face powerful foes and along the way get closer to the records of the ancient Auroria and the forgotten ancestors. Users’ goal is to reclaim the lost land of Auroria upon arrival on the Auroria across the sea and claim its legitimacy as a nation that inherits the relics of the past ancestors. The ultimate goal is to regain the power of the Garden, the origin of the world, and restore the splendid civilization of the past. To reach Auroria, users must go through the vast sea. World Bosses such as Kraken or Leviathan appear in the sea; big vessels that can protect the users from floating ice and sea monsters as well as comrades who can perform different roles in the voyage are necessary.

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