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In ArcheWorld, users can utilize images of NFT on NFT marketplaces and apply them in-game. NFT UCC utilizes wallet addresses linked with ArcheWorld accounts and UCCs can be made using the NFT image in the linked wallet.

UCC of ArcheWorld can be applied in various items such as frames, costumes, furniture and sails. Other users are able to check the final prices of such UCC applied in ArcheWorld in ETH.

ArcheWorld users are able to make music papers with ‘Compose’ and play music. If there are more than one owners of music paper, they will be able to perform together (ensemble). Various music sounds are available depending on the equipped instruments, making the game experience even richer.


There are various rides offered in ArcheWorld such as various pets like horses, motor vehicles, ships and gliders. Not only do they come in a wide variety of images but also in different merits such as ground, air and sea; collection of such rides needed for different situations is another fun element of the game.

Basic mounts can be acquired by gameplay. They gain XP for progression and as they level up, their unique skills are unlocked. High-tier mounts can be upgraded to better-performing ones through awakening.

Vehicles, ships and gliders with a high degree of physics are available in ArcheWorld. Components of vehicles and ships are customizable. Performances of such rides highly vary depending on the tiers of components. Various functionalities are offered for cars on the ground, ships in the sea and gliders in the air depending on the situation and image of such rides.

Dungeons (Phase 2)

There are various dungeons that users can conquer in parties. Dungeons that will open at a certain time of the day will not only offer PvP activities but also gathering and cooperation. With capacities from one player to up to 200 players simultaneously, these various dungeons offer inter-server matching system, thus, users are able to experience competition between the servers first-hand.

Some PvP arenas offer rewards based on ranking - high-ranking users will be heavily rewarded. Please refer to the Play & Earn Section of the Whitepaper.

ArcheWorld offers naval contents of the highest quality offered in MMORPGs. The grandeur of fleets of vessels is magnificent. Physics engine that realizes buoyancy and collision damage as well as realistic graphics will make naval combat even more immersive.

Allocation of different roles amongst users in fleet management is important as the size of the fleet is bigger. Assignment of different roles such as helmsman, crew, and watchman will certainly make the performance of the fleet more efficient.

Users are able to craft and equip customizable parts of various forms such as vessels, hails, and cannons. Replaced parts can not only be different in outlook but can also be modified for PvE or PvP to customize the characteristics of each vessel.

Trades (Phase 3)

ArcheWorld has a climate system as well as tangible and intangible characteristics amongst different regions. There are also limitations as to transport and management of certain goods. Thus, depending on regions, there are differences in goods that can be acquired and different demands for each region.

ArcheWorld offers content to transport and sell goods in accordance with the above-mentioned demands. Rewards can be obtained by transporting goods to regions in demand using vehicles or ships specialized for transport.

World Boss (Phase 3)

Powerful boss monsters appear in the seamless open world. From Kraken and Leviathan that appear in the sea, to dragons that are the most powerful on the ground, users will confront and try to defeat the world bosses that are hundred times bigger and dominant in size than the users by cooperation and competition. It will be challenging but valuable rewards can be obtained if the raid is successful.

RvR Contents (Phase 2)

Powerful monsters of the open world appear depending on place, time and certain conditions. In order to defeat the monsters and earn Archeum, not only do the users have to defeat the monsters themselves but also compete against other users who are willing to fight the monsters as well.

Guilds of ArcheWorld can conquer areas of Archeum production through region siege that will be opened later and win periodic rewards for occupation of the area.

Castle Siege (Phase 4)

Guilds that advanced to Auroria can win territory through castle siege. Unique resources from the territory will make the guild that owns the territory stronger. Siege-specific ironclads and mounts will make castle siege even more dynamic as well as strategic. Various forms of castle construction enables usage of different combat strategies and a dynamic combat experience that match the actual castle siege in the Middle Ages.

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